Video usage to improve the property claims journey

28 Mar 2018

Direct Group (DG) is launching a new app that allows customers to upload video footage of their claim which can then be viewed securely by DG’s technical claims handlers back at their desks. The initiative is expected to improve the way DG triages claims, leading to reduced claims life-cycle.

Lee Bradshaw, client development director at DVS, DG’s validations unit based in Preston, said the app has been developed in partnership with Eviid, a technology business which specialises in secure video capture.

“The technology can be used by our field force out on site, or we send a link to customers to download the app, and invite them to take some video footage which is viewed by our technical desk handlers.”

“We expect the technology to enhance our client servicing by allowing us to triage our claims more effectively, reducing the number of site visits and settling claims quickly at the desk.”

“We have started using the technology on flooring claims and are broadening the scope across the whole of our property book. Discussions are already underway on how the functionality can enhance the claims journey for example by allowing customers to scan bar codes for damaged electronic goods and room scoping within the app in order to process gadget claims more rapidly.”

Scott Bowers, founder of Eviid, said: “Direct Group has grown rapidly to become one of the biggest claims companies in the UK Market, so we are delighted to be partnering them on this new initiative. Other clients who’ve invested in this type of technology have seen a significant improvement in claims life cycles, and we fully expect to do the same with DG.”

Lee said that technology-enabled claims is one of the fastest-growing areas of investment for Direct Group, and is a key part of its adoption of a ‘total claims management’ (TCM) strategy to assist insurer clients reduce their claims costs.

“Claims Tech is bringing huge changes to business models as a means of reducing costs. Nothing is off-limits to digitisation and automation, as long as service quality is uncompromised.”

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